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The 4 Damaging Communication & Relationship Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

Episode #30

Relationships can be challenging. No matter how much love and appreciation we may have for those we care about most, our lack of healthy communication skills has us doing damage even when we have the best of intentions.

Discover four of the most common, damaging communication and relationship mistakes almost everybody makes, and how to avoid making them in those relationships that matter to you most.

Erica Boucher, Host of the ALL WAYS EVOLVING Podcast, is the author of SHOWING UP NAKED, a life workbook focusing on Self-Love, Emotional Intelligence, and Healthy Relationships. She's also the founder of the EMPATH YOGA 200-hour yoga teacher training and life coach certification programs. Empath Yoga builds upon and includes a life coach experience and training program, making it a one-of-a-kind personal and professional life makeover. Erica is also the founder of INTERNATIONAL YOGA TRAVEL, where she hosts & organizes yoga travel around the world every year. If you're interested in yoga & conscious living, you'll love what she has the offer. Visit

*Intro music taken with permission by the artist from the song track, Journeying, on the album The River by Michael Brant DeMaria. Couresty of Ontosmusic/michaelbrantdemaria. 


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