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FOUR Liberating Relationship Insights

Episode #44

We are always in relationship with the world around us. Unfortunately, our lack of education and training in effective communication skills, as a society, has many of us struggling in those relationships that matter to us most. 

Listen in as Erica Boucher, Communication & Relationships trainer and coach lets you in on 4 liberating relationship insights that are absolute game-changers, and that have the ability to transform even your most challenging relationships. 

Her ESSENTIAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS course provides the communication and relationship training you never received, so you can enjoy healthy, harmonious relationships in every area of your life. 

Erica is an author, educator, and yogi, and host of the All Ways Evolving conscious living podcast.

She founded Empath Yoga, a heart-centered yoga school that blends personal development with yoga.

Her book, Showing Up Naked, takes readers on a guided journey of self-discovery, focusing on our relationships with ourselves, our relationships with our emotions, and our relationships with others and with Life itself. 

Erica is also the director of International Yoga Travel, where she organizes and leads yoga retreats and yoga travel around the world. 

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